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Are you going to camp in Portugal?

You cannot stop thinking about your next vacation. If you think tranquility and nature is the perfect combination, then camping is the choice for you!
Camping holiday should be planned and we have created a list of questions and essentials that you might like to take.

Choosing the Camping Park
Beach? Countryside? City? Portugal has a wide range of Camping Parks. Being sure of the type of vacation you are looking for, family, romantic, adventure, we will help you choose the place and the Camping Park to stay.
In addition, find out about the infrastructure and experiences provided by the Camping Park. Playground or game room? Mountain biking tours or yoga classes? Some Camping Parks nowadays offer complete options that are able to please almost everyone.

Make a list of what to bring
If it is true that there are some mandatory items on any vacation list, when we think about camping, especially if you choose to stay in your own tent, a few extras need to be added to the list. 

Details like the air pump to fill the mattress, a flashlight to move around the Camping Park at night, bottle of water, basic first aid kit, wire and some springs to be able to hang your clothes between the trees, especially after going to the pool or the beach, and a tool kit, will be essential to guarantee a comfortable holiday.

Some Camping Parks already give you options that simplify this list, from simple teepees to comfortable bungalows, equipped with private bathrooms and small kitchenette, the options are plenty and the contact with nature is always guarantee.

When choosing location
Whether you stay in one of the Camping Park accommodations or if you take your tent, caravan or motorhome, try to figure out the sun exposure of your allocation and the proximity to common areas like changing rooms, bar, cafe, swimming pool, supermarkets and electricity plugs.

Do you have a pet? Confirm with the Camping Park if you can take your pet with you.

Try to leave everything as you found it
It seems too obvious but since camping is surrounded by nature, you should leave everything as you found it. Garbage can be fatal for wild and domestic animals that inhabit the Camping Park and objects outside the Camping Park can disturb neighbors or cause incidents. 

Upon arrival, you realize that you forgot something. Relax and improvise! 
Remember that these are also unique situations, which you can only experience on a camping vacation!