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Vacation’s 2022: everything you need to know before booking your deserved rest days

2022 is going to be an excellent year to “stretch” the vacation days. This year brings us 4 long weekends, 5 “bridges” and 1 public holiday on wednesday, which, in a scenario of 22 days of working holidays, means 10 more holidays, 5 of them allowing us to make plans for, at least, getaways. of 4 days.

Do not know where to start? Campigir team helps:

1. Start by planning the “big vacation”

Defining the longest vacation period that you will enjoy now, allows you to divide the remaining days by the various seasons of the year.
The limitations placed by your employer or choosing your preferred season to enjoy these days are some of the options to take into account.
However, taking advantage of the “bridges” and long weekends is also an excellent way to balance work with leisure (or even travel!).

For those who prefer the month of August, but choose to save days to rest during the year, we have 3 options:

. holidays in the 1st fortnight: from July 30th to August 15th will allow, with 10 days of leave, to have 17 days of vacation

. mid-month vacation: from 6th to 21st of August with 9 days of leave, which equals 16 days of vacation

. holidays in the 2nd fortnight: from August 13 to August 28 where, with 9 days of leave, you guarantee 16 days of rest

In this way, there will still be 12/13 to distribute for the rest of the year.

2. Find out about the best periods to “stretch” this vacation

In 2022, there are two ways to get the same 16 days of August vacation but only taking 8 days off. How?

. vacations in June: enjoy the holidays of Corpus Christi and Day of Portugal, and “win” another two weeks of vacation, from June 4th to 19th.

. holidays in December: with the holidays of the 1st and 8th of December, between the 26th of November and the 11th of December, enjoy two more whole weeks and just reserve 8 days of rest.

3. Are Easter and Christmas holidays important to you?

If you have children or are away from home, the answer is likely to be yes. 2022 brings us, however, good news and bad news:

If, on the one hand, Easter this year allows for 9 days of vacation (15th and 17th of April), from 9th to 17th of April.

Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023, as they happen on Sunday, present an unfavorable scenario for those who do not spare a few days off at this time.

4. And don't forget about holidays and bridges

Weeks of only 4 working days? Weekends escaping the routine? Yes, in 2022 we also have some:

. April 15th, Good Friday 
. April 25th, Monday
. 10th of June, Friday
. August 15th, Monday

We would even say that these are the days that give the most joy. Being able to stop earlier or start later on weeks that are routine is an incredible feeling.
What if, instead of staying at home, you take advantage of these days to (re)discover, for example, other areas of Portugal, at prices that are often more affordable, to avoid high seasons?

5. But how to book a relaxing vacation in advance?

We know (and understand) that ever-changing measures don't give you the confidence to book your vacation in a few months.

Are you going to take a plane? It is still possible that you will be asked to test before boarding and on arrival. Did you choose another country? Do you know if wearing a mask on the street is
still mandatory? Would you like to know Europe? But now which countries can be considered safe, given the war in Ukraine?
Don't despair, because there is a solution: Portugal!

It may not be this year that you feel butterflies in your stomach when you wait at the airport, but you can be sure that the landscapes, gastronomy and activities that you find here so close to home are not inferior to any other in another country.

At Campigir Campsites you will find, for example, various types of holidays and accommodation for any time of the year, in Portugal, without the stress of international travel but with landscapes that promise to take your breath away and fill your soul.

Discover or rediscover the Portuguese Atlantic coast and its charms, in Campsites next to the best beaches and landscapes in our country and with small gems that are true cherries on top of the cake, as is the case of the junction of the mountains and the sea of Campimeco , the colors of the Alentejo coast of S. Torpes or the island of Berlengas, so close to the Urban Art Park.

Don't miss the opportunity to (re)discover Portugal! Organize and schedule your 2022 vacation now.
Whether in the coldest seasons to enjoy a walk by the sea or in the height of summer, when the pools of our Campsites are more desirable, the options are many and, vacation days can be too!

If you need help or have any questions regarding our Parks or available activities, please contact us.

And, happy holidays!