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Getaways for holidays in 2024

It's that time of year again. After all, the traditional 22 days a year are rarely enough, so taking advantage of public holidays and long weekends can be a real masterstroke to maximize your days off.

2024 is going to be an excellent year to "stretch out" your holidays. This year brings us 5 long weekends, 4 possibilities for bridges and 3 public holidays on Wednesdays, which, given a scenario of 22 working holiday days, means 10 more public holidays, 5 of which allow you to plan at least 4-day getaways.

Campigir is here to help you plan those well-deserved days off.

1. Start by planning the "big holiday"
Defining the longest period of holiday you're going to take allows you to divide the remaining days between different times of the year.
Limitations set by your employer or choosing your favourite season to take these days are some of the options to consider.
However, taking advantage of "bridges" and long weekends is also an excellent way to balance work with leisure, or even travelling!

For those who prefer the month of August, but choose to save days to rest throughout the year, here are 2 options:
  1.  mid-month holidays: from 5 to 18 August with 9 days' leave, which equals 15 days' holiday
  2.  holidays in the 2nd fortnight: from 12 to 25 August which, with 9 days' leave, guarantees 15 days' rest

This way, there will be 13 more to distribute for the rest of the year.

2. Find out about the best times to "stretch out" your holidays
In 2024, there are two ways of getting the same 15 days' holiday as in August, but taking only 8/9 days' leave. How?
  • holidays in April: take advantage of the Freedom Day and Labour Day holidays and get an extra two weeks' holiday, from 22 April to 05 May, with 8 days' leave.
  • holidays in June: take advantage of the Corpus Christi and Portugal Day holidays and "earn" two more weeks' holiday, from 27 May to 10 June, with 9 days' leave.

3. Are the Easter and Christmas holidays important to you?
Easter this year means you can take a week's holiday with 3 days (29 March bank holiday), from 25 to 31 March.
Christmas 2024 and New Year's 2025, which fall during the week, present a favourable scenario for those who can't do without a few days off at this time of year, and with 8 days they can take 16 days off.

4. And don't forget public holidays in Portugal
Weeks with only 4 working days? Long weekends to escape the routine? Yes, in 2024 we have some too:
  • 29 March, Easter 
  • 25th April, Freedom Day, with a weekend break
  • 30 May, Corpus Christi, with a weekend break
  • 10 June, Portugal Day
  • 15 August, Assumption of Our Lady, bridged to the weekend
  • 1st November, All Saints' Day

We'd even say that these are the days we enjoy the most. Being able to stop early or start late in routine weeks is an incredible feeling.
What if, instead of staying at home, you took advantage of these days to (re)discover other parts of Portugal, for example, at prices that are often cheaper because you're avoiding the high season?

 5. But how do you book a relaxing holiday in advance?
At Campigir campsites, for example, you'll find various types of holidays and accommodation for any time of year, in Portugal, without the stress of international travel, but with landscapes that promise to take your breath away and fill your soul.

Discover or rediscover the Portuguese Atlantic coast and its charms, in Camping Sites next to the best beaches and landscapes in our country and with little pearls that are real icing on the cake, such as the combination of mountains and sea at Campimeco, the colours of the Alentejo coast at Natura Art, São Torpes or the island of Berlengas, so close to the Urban Art Park.

Don't miss the chance to (re)discover Portugal! Organize and book your 2024 holidays now.
Whether it's in the colder seasons to enjoy a walk by the sea or in the height of summer, when the swimming pools at our Camping Sites are at their most attractive, there are many options and so can your holiday!

If you need any help or have any questions about our campsites or the activities available, talk to us and have a good holiday!