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Where to go on vacation alone in Portugal

Traveling alone can be a transformative experience, offering freedom and self-discovery. Portugal, with its history, stunning landscapes and welcoming culture, is the ideal destination for those looking for solo adventures. 

When planning your solo vacation in Portugal, consider camping sites for an authentic and affordable experience. Camping allows you to be in direct contact with nature, while parks offer modern amenities.
Campigir is renowned for its campsites, their strategic locations and for offering various types of accommodation and activities. 

We suggest some places to go on vacation alone in Portugal.

Sesimbra, a seaside delight
Sesimbra, located on the west coast of Portugal, is a charming haven by the sea. With its golden sandy beaches and horizon adorned by cliffs, the town offers a relaxing and authentic atmosphere. The picturesque fishing port, narrow streets and seaside restaurants make Sesimbra an ideal place to enjoy on your own. 
For nature lovers, the Serra da Arrábida offers stunning trails and panoramic views of the region.

São Torpes, where you find wild nature
São Torpes, located on the Alentejo Coast, is a paradise for lovers of wild nature, providing a unique experience for solo travelers. 
For those seeking solo adventures, this area offers not only breathtaking scenery, but also opportunities to explore coastal trails, dive into the crystal-clear waters and savor moments of serenity away from the crowds.
São Torpes combines adventure and tranquillity, making it a unique destination on the Portuguese coast.

Peniche, the surfers' haven
Peniche, a peninsula in central Portugal, is a unique destination for surf lovers. With famous beaches such as Supertubos, known for its challenging waves, Peniche attracts both professional and amateur surfers. In addition to surfing, the town has a fascinating history, including the Peniche Fortress, which has witnessed important events over the centuries. The laid-back atmosphere makes Peniche a must-see on the Portuguese coast.

São Pedro de Moel, serenity by the sea
São Pedro de Moel is a picturesque coastal village that offers a serene seaside experience. The Leiria National Forest, which stretches all the way to the coast, provides immersive hiking trails and stunning scenery. For those seeking peace and natural beauty, São Pedro de Moel is an oasis waiting to be explored.

Portugal, with its diverse landscapes and rich culture, is the perfect destination for a solo vacation.