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Camping without caring your home on your back

If nature holidays are your favorite type of vacation but you do not have the time for camping logistics, then this article is for you.
The contact with nature and the peace and tranquility that this gives us are sufficient reasons to choose a camping holiday. Falling asleep listening to the sea, staying in the middle of the eucalyptus, walking freely and with a sense of community are unforgettable experiences and memories.
Some of us think that to Camp it is necessary to have a huge number of objects and a big effort in the organization in order to guarantee some comfort, for just a few days. 
If you are one of those people, we have some good news. Some Camping Parks provide complete experiences to their guests and in addition, for not needing to take a tent or waiting for shower, you will be able to cook your meals like home, sleep in a comfortable bed and enjoy the landscape. 

If you like this, the magic words are Teepees, Mini-Homes and Bungalows.

1. Teepee
Imagine sleeping in a small Indian tent made of wood, with two single beds, light and electric plug.

It is true that you may have to wait in line to shower during high season, but summer breeze and sunsets evenings will be relaxing.

Contact with nature is guaranteed and a backpack with some clothes is enough to escape the routine. 

2. Mini-Home
You can stay in a Camping Park with the comfort of a small home.
Imagine yourself in contact with nature and having a fully equipped double room with wardrobe, desk, dresser and private bathroom. 
Getaways can have comfort. 

3. Bungalow
Camping in a bungalow is a unique experience; the charm of these small wooden houses makes us fall in love with them.
The commodities inside: bedroom and the bathroom are fully equipped, a small living is common with a kitchenette. 

Some Camping Sites also have more add values, like breakfast included and take away meals. 

In addition to comfort, if you are also looking for leisure or fun activities, make sure that the Camping Sites has other facilities like a swimming pool, playground, tennis court or games room.
Some Camping Sitess also provide for their guests other activities like hiking, mountain biking, yoga, surfing classes, etc.
With so many options, we now believe that it will be difficult to choose.
Moreover, when you think about camping, take a breath and imagine yourself sitting on your private porch looking out to sea while enjoying your favorite drink.